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Copy and Online Editor

Ted is a senior history major, global politics minor from Charleston, South Carolina. His undergraduate studies focus on modern Africa and the Middle East, as well as the global refugee crisis. He studied abroad in Nicosia, Cyprus, and managed to visit 16 other countries in the process. The Pendulum has been one of the highlights of Ted's Clemson career, and he believes it plays an important role in contextualizing Clemson's curriculum. You can probably find Ted in the library writing his thesis on fractured politics in the Second Sudanese Civil War.



Associate Editor-in-Chief

Dana is a dual degree student (BA Biological Sciences/BS Psychology) from Massachusetts. As the child of refugees, she feels strongly that there is no proper way to delineate "us" and "them." The events that occur in other places of the world affect "us" as well as any perceived "other." Next year, she will attend medical school, keeping in mind the effects of international affairs on public health.




Matt is a mechanical engineering major from Fairfax, Virginia. During high school he visited Europe for a WWII education trip; since, he has studied in Germany and interned in Kansas and Ohio. Matt joined The Pendulum because it is a unique organization on Clemson’s campus that tells the stories of humanity's common threads and what strains them. He shares the The Pendulum's goal of placing Clemson in the context of those stories and integrating their significance and relevance into education.



Asia and Oceania Editor

Rachel is a sociology major with political science and French minors from Charleston, SC. She joined the Pendulum because it combines three of her passions: politics, writing, and research. She loves being an editor because she learns something new about international affairs every semester while helping others improve their writing and research skills.



Africa and Middle East Editor

Olivia is a math major and is also earning a global politics minor. She became interested in international politics while spending a semester in Belgrade, Serbia during her freshman year. She quickly returned abroad for a semester in Nicosia, Cyprus. Studying abroad in these two places provided her a unique perspective on modern history and politics. The Pendulum has allowed her to contextualize her Clemson education and gain a deeper understanding of the world.



Society, Culture, and Economics Editor

Andy is a history and political science major and is also earning a minor in Spanish studies. During his time in high school, Andy attended an international studies magnet program that provided several opportunities to travel and learn about different cultures and histories. He later spent a semester in Belgrade, Serbia. His time in foreign countries instilled the desire to be a global citizen, rather than an American studying the globe. He wrote for and then joined The Pendulum to further explore international affairs and current events.



Europe Editor

Lindsay is a political science major from Arlington Heights, Illinois. She became interested in world politics after a study abroad trip to the Western Balkans her junior year at Clemson and has since pursued every opportunity to travel outside of the U.S. She loves working with The Pendulum because it has inspired her to expand her academic interests and for the wonderful people to whom it has introduced her.



Online Content Editor

Hansen is a political science major also earning an economics minor. He lived in New York for 10 years before returning to Clemson for a second degree. He enjoys working with the Pendulum because of the collaboration between talented students and professors across disciplines who all care about global affairs. It has made him a better writer and a more conscientious citizen.



Online Content Editor

Travis is a senior Political Science major from North Augusta, South Carolina. He has loved writing and international affairs since middle school. The Pendulum gives him chance to marry those two passions in an exciting way. As an editor for the magazine, he enjoys working with other students to improve their writing; as one of its readers, he is glad to see important and fascinating stories that generally miss the spotlight because of region or underrepresentation.

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