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Presidential Hopeful Coming To Clemson

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Presidential hopefuls are beginning their tours around the country to woo voters and establish themselves as front-runners. One such hopeful, John Delaney, will speak with Clemson University students on February 27th at 6:00 p.m. If you’re interested in attending be sure to RSVP here to receive updates on location. Previously a Democratic Congressman from Maryland, Delaney’s campaign platform primarily focuses on domestic issues. While his foreign policy platform is limited, he has expressed his positions on a few key international issues.


While Delaney recognizes the “significant economic threat” presented by China, he does not support President Trump’s tariffs. Instead, he supports increased participation by the United States in the World Trade Organization and multilateral pressure to persuade China to adopt fairer trade practices.

Artificial Intelligence

Delaney believes that the United States must follow in the footsteps of China, France and the European Union as a whole by adopting a national artificial intelligence strategy intended to protect the United States from falling behind international competitors and the economic and security threat of new international technologies.

Unfortunately, these are the only international issues that Delaney has publicly commented or taken a position on, despite the fact that he has been campaigning since he formally declared his candidacy on July 28, 2017, only nine months after the 2016 presidential elections. If you want the chance to discover what Delaney thinks about a number of other hot-button international and foreign policy issues, be sure to come to next Wednesday’s event to ask him your questions.

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